PK Ridge Rattl’r - All Season Rattle Bait

Size :
Color :
Bloody Clown
Naked Bait
Chrome Blue
Oahe Smelt
Tiger Parrot
Metallic Perch
Casper Glow
Lip Tripper
Gold Tiger
Strawberry Tiger

The PK Ridge Rattl’r is our version of the perfect rattle bait.  We took our Ridgeline crankbait and modified the shape slightly while adding more weight to the front of the lure.

The heavier weight forward design helps the angler know where the lure is which is very important.  Other rattle baits have too much lift and only work when ice fishing.

Ours is simply different and you will notice the lure stays on the bottom.  Works great trolling .3 - .5 mph while ripping/jigging.  Cast easily even into the wind!  Retrieves are similar to a crankbait.

The ridges on the sides of the rattle bait cause intense vibration.  The fast drop resembles wounded baitfish which are key elements to a great lure.

We went so far as to add super glow paint to all the lures.  Even our metal color lures have a super glow!  

Our Metal colors have a glow strip underbelly or on the bottom of the back tail!

1/4oz - 1 3/4” length 

1/2oz - 2 1/4” length

3/4oz - 2 3/4” length





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