PK Flutter Fish Jigging Spoon - Copper Plate
The PK Flutter Fish can be jigged, casted, or trolled making it an extremely versatile jigging spoon.  It's uniquely designed for ultimate vibration and accurately mimics a distressed baitfish. The PK Flutter Fish catches a wide variety of freshwater and saltwater species. ...
from $4.59
PK Ridge Glider - Blue Chrome Glow
The PK Ridge Glider is a shad profile glide bait that is extremely effective at triggering strikes as it mimics a distressed baitfish while it glides and settles to the bottom.  Cast them or jig them fast allowing them to...
from $7.25
Stacked Reeff Rig - Antifreeze
These are stacked or double Reeff rigs. The double blade is adjustable and acts as an additional attraction such as a school of baitfish.  It creates action that is simply unmatched by any other walleye fishing rig. Comes in an...
Wyoming Blades
from $3.90
Wyoming Blades
The Patent design blade on our PK Predator is now available in a variety of larger sizes to enhance your current PK Spoon.  The PK Wyoming blade can also be used to replace any application where a traditional blade is...
from $3.90
PK Adjustable Bottom Bouncer
To add desired weight just slide weight onto wire and bend the bottom of the wire with a pliers. Includes: 6 Bottom Bouncer wires 6 - 1/4oz weights 2 - 3/8oz weights 2 - 1/4oz weights  
PK Custom Ice Fishing Rods - 28" UL, ML, MH Options
The new PK custom ice fishing rods will turn some heads!  They're custom-made from high-quality components such as high visibility tip, spring eyelits, and Suregrip handle.  These are for anglers looking for the ultimate in performance out of their ice...
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