PK Ridge Glider - Blue Chrome Glow
The PK Ridge Glider is a shad profile glide bait that is extremely effective at triggering strikes as it mimics a distressed baitfish while it glides and settles to the bottom.  Cast them or jig them fast allowing them to...
from $7.25
PK Ridge Rattl'r - Clown Glow
The PK Ridge Rattl'r uniique WEIGHT FORWARD design is the perfect choise for jigging or casting for open water and ice fishing.  The PK Ridge Rattl'r moves in a wide unpredictable motion as it circles back after a pause when...
PK Dakota Disc Live Bait Spinner Rig - White
 At PK Lures, we are continually trying to think outside the box by keeping our products and ideals ahead of fishing industry standards.  The PK Dakota Disc is a revolutionary Live Bait Spinning Rig unlike anything else you have seen....
from $2.50
PK Tackle Rolls (2 per order)
Traditional tackle rolls do not allow for proper storage of PK Reeff Rigs, PK Dakota Disc, or PK Wobblers due to the round shape. We’ve designed a tackle roll which allows for flat storage which has a concave void area...
PK Wobbler - Live Bait Spinner Rig - Pink
  PK Lures continues to think outside the box unlike several other fishing lure manufacturers.  We prove it yet again with the PK Wobbler.  There are several foam floats on the market but few with action. The PK Wobbler is...
from $3.65
PK Reeff Rigs - Purple Metallic
The new PK Reeff Rigs are sure to turn some heads this open water season, and for good reason.  The erratic action created by the Reeff blades makes this one KILLER walleye rig! Each rig comes with a 48" leader....
from $2.99
PK Vortex Jr - Live Bait Spinner Rig - Green
PK Products continues to raise the bar on producing unique and functional fishing products.  The PK Vortex Jr is a smaller painted metal blade attached to a wire and beads with a slow death style hook.  The unique wire blade...
Stacked Reeff Rig - Antifreeze
These are stacked or double Reeff rigs. The double blade is adjustable and acts as an additional attraction such as a school of baitfish.  It creates action that is simply unmatched by any other walleye fishing rig. Comes in an...
Sure Death - Live Bait Spinner Rig - Orange - Yellow Spinner
Another unique design from PK Lures.  We have taken the live bait spinner rig to a new level by thinking outside the box.  The spinner is great for slow or fast trolling.  While this spinner rig was invented for walleye,...
Ridgeline Crankbaits - 3 Different Diving Models - Firetiger
The unique design of the PK Ridgeline Crank Boat has a different wobble than other cranks.  It is a must-have for the avid angler.  Cranks are weighted with a load rattle chamber ideal for casting to target weed lines or...
GEN2 Ridgeline Crank Bait 9-11 Feet - Purple
NEW!!! The Generation 2 version of the PK Ridgeline Crankbait is here. Unique Design of the PK Ridgeline Crank Bait is different from the others.  It has a unique wobbling action along with attractive colors and load rattle chamber that...
Spin A Jig by PK Lures - Pearl Chartreause Glow
Our spin a jig is changing the way conventional jigs are being fished. The blade action not only creates FLASH but VIBRATION making it deadly when paired with plastic or live bait. It's a jig...right?  Meaning, it's MULTI-SPECIES.  Literally, ANY...
from $4.99
PK Vortex - Live Bait Spinner Rig Kit - Purple Green
PK Lures has re-invented the traditional live bait spinner rig kit with the Vortex!  The lure features a patented design. It has a bent metal blade added to a wire attachment, which turns on colored beads while calling fish in...
Spin a Jig Jr. - 4-pack 1/16 oz.
PKLures is offering a 4 pack of the condensed original PK Spin A Jig in a junior option.  Four glow colors White, Pink, Yellow, & Lime Green along with our patented blade design in 2 metal colors Nickel and Gold...
PK Wobbler Accessories - Hologram
Now available! PK Lures has now released their deadly PK Wobblers for sale in packs of 4. The PK Wobbler has a unique multi directional action that is different from the traditional spinner. Assemble Flat side facing your boat for...
from $5.60
PK Bass Lure - 2 Pack - Chartruese
PK Lures has developed a unique new bladed swimbait with a sleek design that creates more sound, flash, and movement making this lure more versatile.  Excellent for fishing in areas such as weeds, shallow water, and deep water.  The combination...
PK Dakota Discs Accessories - Yellow
12-pack of Dakota Discs that are an amazing addition to any traditional fishing rig. Comes in a variety of colors and boats action you just can't find with other rigs! Disc size is 27/32" or slightly larger than 3/4".  
PK Reeff Blades Accessories - Gold
We took our popular PK Vortex blades and made them out of a lightweight flexible plastic in two sizes.  The smaller blade measures 3/4 inch in length and the larger blade is 1 3/8 inch in length.   The PK Reeff...
PK Accessory Kit (Wobbler, Dakota Disc, & Reeff Blades)
We realize how important being able to custom tie your own live bait rigs is to the experienced angler.  So we put together the ultimate Kit of PK Dakota Disc & PK Reeff Blades in 2 sizes made up of...
from $25.00
PK Adjustable Bottom Bouncer
To add desired weight just slide weight onto wire and bend the bottom of the wire with a pliers. Includes: 6 Bottom Bouncer wires 6 - 1/4oz weights 2 - 3/8oz weights 2 - 1/4oz weights  
PK Pro Series Rattle Float - White
The PK PRO SERIES features a float which rattles.  Available in a 4 pack for the anglers that like to customize there own rigs and we also made it available in pretied options. Pretied PRO SERIES options in the PK...
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