PK Ridge Rattl'r

Size :
Color :
Clown Glow
Wonderbread Glow
Chartruese Wonderbread Glow
Salamander Glow
Chrome Blue Glow
Red Dot Glow
Chrome Purple Glow
Lemonade Glow
Parrot Glow
Sunrise Glow
Tiger Parrot
Bloody Clown
Casper Glow
Naked Bait
Chrome Blue
Lip Tripper
Oahe Smelt
Gold Tiger
Metallic Perch
Strawberry Tiger

The PK Ridge Rattl'r unique WEIGHT FORWARD design is the perfect choice for jigging or casting for open water and ice fishing.  The PK Ridge Rattl'r moves in a wide unpredictable motion as it circles back after a pause when jigging.  The unique weight forward design is unlike any other lure on the market.  The lures fast drop makes it easy to locate the bottom also easy to cast while the fast drop triggers fish to strike!

4 sizes and a color option for every water conditon!

PK Ridge Rattl'r
Mini 1 1/4" Length / Clown Glow - $8.50
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