PK Wobbler Accessories - Hologram
Now available! PK Lures has now released their deadly PK Wobblers for sale in packs of 4. The PK Wobbler has a unique multi directional action that is different from the traditional spinner. Assemble Flat side facing your boat for...
from $5.60
PK Dakota Discs Accessories - Yellow
12-pack of Dakota Discs that are an amazing addition to any traditional fishing rig. Comes in a variety of colors and boats action you just can't find with other rigs! Disc size is 27/32" or slightly larger than 3/4".  
PK Reeff Blades Accessories - Gold
We took our popular PK Vortex blades and made them out of a lightweight flexible plastic in two sizes.  The smaller blade measures 3/4 inch in length and the larger blade is 1 3/8 inch in length.   The PK Reeff...
Wyoming Blades
from $3.90
Wyoming Blades
The Patent design blade on our PK Predator is now available in a variety of larger sizes to enhance your current PK Spoon.  The PK Wyoming blade can also be used to replace any application where a traditional blade is...
from $3.90
PK Accessory Kit (Wobbler, Dakota Disc, & Reeff Blades)
We realize how important being able to custom tie your own live bait rigs is to the experienced angler.  So we put together the ultimate Kit of PK Dakota Disc & PK Reeff Blades in 2 sizes made up of...
from $25.00
Stick on Tackle Holder
Store and dry your tackle on our PK Logo stick on tackle holder.  Holds your hooks for quick and easy access throughout the day fishing and store lures when they are dry and done using for the day. Measurements are...
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