PK Reeff Blades Accessories

Size :
Color :
Hologram White
Silver Metallic
Blue Metallic
Purple Metallic
Teal Metallic
Yellow Glitter

We took our popular PK Vortex blades and made them out of a lightweight flexible plastic in two sizes.  The smaller blade measures 3/4 inch in length and the larger blade is 1 3/8 inch in length.  

The PK Reeff blades are available in a 12 pack for the experienced anger who likes to get dialed in on make their own custom spinner rigs.  

Amazing color options in Metallic and Hologram options that will definitely get the attention of the fish.

Compare our price of 12 blades against the others and we feel there is no comparison on quality of product and price.

(Blades  only)

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