Sure Death - Live Bait Spinner Rig

Color :
Orange - Yellow Spinner
White - Pink Spinner
Green - Gold Spinner
Yellow - Nickel Spinner
Purple - White Spinner
Pink - Green Spinner
White - White Spinner Gold Flake
Green - Green Spinner Gold Flake
Yellow - Yellow Spinner Gold Flake
Pink - Pink Spinner Gold Flake

Another unique design from PK Lures.  We have taken the live bait spinner rig to a new level by thinking outside the box.  The spinner is great for slow or fast trolling. 

While this spinner rig was invented for walleye, it can also be deadly for:

  • Walleye
  • Northern Pike
  • Bass
  • Crappie / Panfish
  • Catfish

Literally, anything will snap at the Sure Death!  

The small blade attached to the hook with a swivel creates a crazy multi-directional action with a nightcrawler attached.  This creates a small circle of rotation then changes direction which the fish will notice the sudden pause and change in directional rotation which creates a strike! The super strong hook will hold up when you need it most.  It's a must-have for the live bait angler!

The unique, erratic action causes strikes.  Fish will often follow a live bait rig for a while before striking.  The changes in speed and blade direction is that trigger.  We've caught an unbelievable amount of walleyes with this rig.  Get on it while it's hot and before the whole world catches on!

41 inch Leader length

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