GEN2 Ridgeline Crank Bait 9-11 Feet

Color :
Baby Bass
Gold Tiger
Blue Hologram
Purple Chrome
Perch Hologram

NEW!!! The Generation 2 version of the PK Ridgeline Crankbait is here.

Unique Design of the PK Ridgeline Crank Bait is different from the others.  It has a unique wobbling action along with attractive colors and load rattle chamber that trigger fish.

The PK Ridgeline is a must have for the avid angler.  Troll these at slow speeds of 1.5 - 2.0 MPH for best results to achieve a depth of 9-11 feet of water using 10# Fireline.  More info on Precision Trolling App.

Also, work great for casting.  Cranks are weighted and will slowing sink.  Ideal for casting off a dock or boat.  Cast with ease to target weed lines or structure.

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