PK Reeff Rigs

Size :
Style :
Color :
Purple Metallic
Teal Metallic
Hologram White
Yellow Glitter
Silver Metallic
Blue Metallic
The new PK Reeff Rigs are sure to turn some heads this open water season, and for good reason.  The erratic action created by the Reeff blades makes this one KILLER walleye rig!
Each rig comes with a 48" leader.
Reeff Rig Comes in 2 sizes:
Size 1 - 3/4” blade
Size 2- 1 3/8” blade 
Pro Series Option with RATTLE FLOAT!
NEW bait keeper hook attached to keep the bait on the hook!
If you like to tie your own rigs our blades are available separately on this website!
PK Reeff Rigs
3/4” blade / PK Reeff Rig / Purple Metallic - $2.99
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