PK Ridge Rattl’r - All Season Rattle Bait - Bloody Clown
The PK Ridge Rattl’r is our version of the perfect rattle bait.  We took our Ridgeline crankbait and modified the shape slightly while adding more weight to the front of the lure. The heavier weight forward design helps the angler...
GEN2 Ridgeline Crank Bait 9-11 Feet - Purple
NEW!!! The Generation 2 version of the PK Ridgeline Crankbait is here. Unique Design of the PK Ridgeline Crank Bait is different from the others.  It has a unique wobbling action along with attractive colors and load rattle chamber that...
Ridgeline Crankbaits - 3 Different Diving Models - Firetiger
The unique design of the PK Ridgeline Crank Boat has a different wobble than other cranks.  It is a must-have for the avid angler.  Cranks are weighted with a load rattle chamber ideal for casting to target weed lines or...
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