PK Crossover Jigging Spoon

Color :
Red Tiger Glow
Bengal Tiger Glow
Firetiger Glow
Red Dot Glow
Yellow Glow Orange Dot
Size :

The Crossover by PK Lures is picking up a lot of steam in the fishing industry lately.  A LOT of fishing publications are promoting it, and for good flat out catches FISH!

The design itself is like nothing else on the market.  And because it's a horizontal blade (instead of vertical), it produces a FLASH in the water like no other lure when jigged.

While it's going to be HOT this ice fishing season, it can also be casted or slow trolled.  

The PK Crossover is most commonly tipped with a half minnow (as shown in the picture).

And yes, like ALL PK Lures, this is a great MULTI-SPECIES fishing lure!

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