PK Spoon

Color :
Copper Plate
Nickel Plate
Bengal Tiger Glow
Bluegill Glow
Firetiger Glow
Pearl Chartreuse
Pink Pearl Glow
Red Dot Glow
Red Glow
Red Tiger Glow
Red Dot Glow / Nickel Back
Yellow Glow Orange Dot
Crawdad Glow
Shad Glow
Blue Pearl Glow
Size :

The PK Spoon set the hardwater scene on fire when it first came out as a go-to ice fishing spoon.

Since then, it's not only held its claim on ice fishing, but it's being recognized for its open water fishing applications as well. 

Works well trolled or jigged, the PK Spoon is one of those lures you need in your arsenal.

We've created 6 unique sizes so you can literally fish ANY species through the ice or in open water!

  • Walleye
  • Crappie
  • Perch
  • Panfish
  • Pike
  • Bass

It features a wide variety of color combinations, and strong, lazor sharp hooks.

This isn't one of your conventional ice fishing spoons, get them on the line and you'll find out why!

Add the PK Wyoming Blade to any spoon to enhance the Spoon to entice the strike!  

PK Spoon
Copper Plate / 1/8 oz - $5.45
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