Spin A Jig by PK Lures

Color :
Pearl Chartreause Glow
Glow Red Dot
Lime Green Glow
Yellow Purple Glow
Red Glow
Yellow Glow Orange Dot
Green Glow
Pink Pearl Glow
Green White Glow
Yellow Orange Glow
White Pink Glow
Size :

Our spin a jig is changing the way conventional jigs are being fished.

The blade action not only creates FLASH but VIBRATION making it deadly when paired with plastic or live bait.

It's a jig...right?  Meaning, it's MULTI-SPECIES.  Literally, ANY fish will hit a jig, but now that it's paired with a blade will make it even deadlier (especially in dirty or low light water conditions).

So tie one on and HANG ON!!!

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