PK Pro Series Rattle Float

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The PK PRO SERIES features a float which rattles.  Available in a 4 pack for the anglers that like to customize there own rigs and we also made it available in pretied options.

Pretied PRO SERIES options in the PK Dakota Disc, Wobbler, and two sizes of Reeff Rigs.  The PK Dakota Disc side to side swimlike action shakes the rattle float while being trolled.  The PK Wobbler has a larger unpredictable MULTI-DIRECTIONAL spinning action which also makes the rattles effective.  Ideal trolling speeds for these two products is slightly faster than a traditional spinner at 1.1-1.3 mph.

The PRO SERIES PK Reeff Rigs options come in 2 sizes where the float is a great option pulling along weed lines and structure.  The unique design of the Reeff Rigs makes the PRO SERIES Rattle Float spin creating more action when being pulled.  Ideal speeds for this product is .8 mph or faster.

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