PK Rattle Spoon - Nickle Hologram Back - Green Glow
PK Lures has made improvements to the proven PK Spoon making it one of the best sought after Fishing Spoons on the market. We added the largest brass rattle chamber we could find that would fit into the 1/4oz and...
from $7.90
Tungsten - PK Predator Flash Fishing Spoon - Pink Pearl Glow
Anglers asked for a smaller PK Predator that would drop fast to help stay on the bite so we did it!!  PK Predator TNG (Tungsten) - this smaller version of our best-selling product with a smaller gold blade. It weighs...
PK Predator Flash Fishing Spoon - Gold
The PK Predator is a panfish killer! This is used as an open water or ice fishing lure and can be jigged or casted.  The patent pending blade design creates a flash that produces reaction strikes. Some of the most...
PK Spoon - Copper Plate
The PK Spoon set the hardwater scene on fire when it first came out as a go-to ice fishing spoon. Since then, it's not only held its claim on ice fishing, but it's being recognized for its open water fishing...
from $5.00
PK Flutter Fish Jigging Spoon - Copper Plate
The PK Flutter Fish can be jigged, casted, or trolled making it an extremely versatile jigging spoon.  It's uniquely designed for ultimate vibration and accurately mimics a distressed baitfish. The PK Flutter Fish catches a wide variety of freshwater and saltwater species. ...
from $4.59
PK Panic Versatile Fishing Spoon - Blue Hologram
The unique design of the PK Panic has been a go-to lure for many anglers.  Now available in 1/8 ounce to 1.5 ounces.  Proven success in freshwater and saltwater for multi-species of fish.  The fast drop along with flashy blades...
from $6.90
PK Crossover Jigging Spoon - Red Tiger Glow
The Crossover by PK Lures is picking up a lot of steam in the fishing industry lately.  A LOT of fishing publications are promoting it, and for good flat out catches FISH! The design itself is like nothing else...
from $6.35
PK Spoon Kits
from $30.00
PK Spoon Kits
PK Lures now has an assortment of your favorite PK Spoons, organized by size.  Glow colors for mornings and evenings along with metal colors for the late morning and early afternoon bite.  Offering several spoon kit sizes. 1. The Winnipeg Spoon...
from $30.00
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